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"Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts." Heb.4:7
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Steps to Christ
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Patriarchs and Prophets
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Prophets and Kings
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The Desire of Ages
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Acts of the Apostles
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The Great Controversy
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The Ministry of Healing
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Ellen White - Up Close and Personal by Cindy Tutsch

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End Time Insights
by Steve Wohlberg


End Time Insights
The Rapture
Israel In Prophecy
The Antichrist
The Sin of Sodom
Slain in the Spirit
Sanctuary Secrets
The Ten Commandments
Lessons From September 11
The 1000 Years
Three Angels
Earth's Final Crisis


Back to Enoch
Dave Westbrook

While We Were Sleeping
The Voice of the Dragon
High Time - 5 Compelling Signs
Out of the Cities


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Welcome to our Online Sermons. Here you will find messages given by the Pastor of the Concord Seventh-day Adventist Church, and others who have blessed us with their messages of hope and inspiration.


To listen to sermons simply click on the links to listen to the messages via our online player. These will be updated, so please keep coming back from time to time!



When you click on the MP3 player or video link, a window will open containing the media player and you can select the sermon you would like to listen to, or simply allow the player to automatically play each sermon.


We also have made available our online sermons via the technology RSS so that it can be easier for you to recieve updates. This allows you to subscribe to our RSS feed using an RSS feeder of your choice! Simply click the Subscribe Now! link to go to our current Podcast.


Local Sermons

Sermons 2011



Healthy Living
Abundant Living  
A Biblical Basis for Vegetarianism  
The Fourth Physician  
To download these sermons on Healthy Living, please click here
Gospel & Righteousness by Faith
Conditions of Acceptance  
Just Barely Touching  
Go Climb a Tree  
To download these sermons on the Gospel & Righteousness by Faith click here
Practical Christianity
To Be His Sheep  
Living The LIfe of Enoch  
Obstacles and Difficulties  
The Ministry of Reproof  
Lessons From a Slain Prophet  
To download these sermons on Practical Christianity, please click here
Camp Meeting
Please allow a few minutes for the video to buffer. To do this, after the player is launched, simply select the video you want to watch, press the pause button and wait a few minutes.
We Are His Hands - 2008    

Gorden Retzer

Face to Face with Jesus


Bob Folkenburg, Jr

Mighty Militia

Trumpeting the Third Angels Message

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Gary Gibbs

More Dangerous Than The Antichrist

Angels In Our Lives

Food for Revival

Surviving the Shaking

Surviving the Sealing



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Lonnie Melashenko

The Power of One (Lest We Forget)

Promises to Keep

God's Misfits


If you would like to know more about how you can obtain copies of the above DVDs and other 2008 Carolina Conference Camp Meeting Speakers, on either CD or DVD, simply contact the Adventist Christian Book Center by calling







Deadly Delusions
"Deadly Delusions about death and Hell" draws upon pop-culture to understand the current trends in the media and religious world regarding the long held misconception about death and hell. Watch Now Online!


End Time Delusions
Steve Wohlberg's most comprehensive book on Bible prophecy offers a compelling alternative to the New York Times bestselling "Left Behind" series. Separates facts from speculative fiction and reveals what the Bible really teaches about Earth's last days. Watch Now Online!


Hidden Dangers in Harry Potter
"Hidden Dangers in Harry Potter" by author/speaker Steve Wohlberg is a timely resource for today's spiritual climate. Billions of dollars have been poured into the Potter phenomenon world-wide, yet so much more is at stake.
Watch Now Online!


Hour of the Witch
"Hour of the Witch" is a bold warning-sign on the fast track of day to day living to Christians and non-believers. It is also a "wake-up call" to every person to guard his or her heart, mind and eyes. Watch Now Online!


Mark of the Beast Mysteries
Steve Wohlberg explores the hidden connection between Jesus Christ's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Devil's last delusion. Watch Now Online!

Israel In Prophecy
Christian books, magazines, web sites, TV programs & movies are now talking about a secret rapture, seven years of tribulation, the nation of Israel, a rebuilt Jewish Temple and a Middle East Armageddon. Watch Now Online!



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