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Elders Journal

Bucket List

              I have engaged in conversations with many people over the years and many times we have talked about the places we have been and sometimes about the things we would like to accomplish in life. I have listened to the regrets of some who had never seen the ocean or been to a high mountain. The wishes of many people may even seem frivolous to some of us but it truly is amazing how much depression is in our world because we may live into “old age” and spend too much time reminiscing about the failed opportunities of the past. The cares of this world seem to forbid most people to pursue their wishes or dreams.

              In recent years you may have heard the term “bucket list” as it refers to the things that we would like to do in our life or even in any given day. Perhaps it’s that garage that hasn’t been cleaned in forever or even the planned vacation to the Grand Canyon that never happened for whatever reason! What about the lingering hope to visit or call a relative or friend? Are we just too busy with other things that we kept adding these to our “bucket?” Most of us today are in this category or mindset so we must always refer to this phenomenon in the present tense! We all know how painful procrastination can be. It is a terrible habit that gets worse with time! Anxiety or depression may live right along with us when too many unfulfilled things tend to plague our daily routines. So what is the remedy for this dilemma?

              Thinking of this whole subject as a more spiritual issue than physical or mental, perhaps empting our bucket is difficult because the items in it probably should not even be there! Trying to involve ourselves in too many pursuits or activities tend to overwhelm our mind and time! Multi-tasking in our culture today will always reveal its impossible nature. When God created us He never intended for us to place frivolous wants in front of necessary needs. There are so many things in His “bucket list” of things to hope and dream for that will eliminate despair and disappointment because they have eternal value! He tells us not to worry about tomorrow or its needs and reminds us of how temporal this life is and that it rapidly fades away. Life is just too short for the constantly day-dreaming mind that is never happy with the daily routines of everyday living now.

                Looking forward to the “Kingdom of God” and seeking His righteousness is His method of acquiring hope and peace in this world today. This is the only thing that can release us from the heavy burden of the “bucket” of our own devising! May we all recognize the beauty and hope found in the righteousness of His promise to supply all that we need to be ready for this event to come soon! This is what He wishes for us to seek!


Elder Melvin Brannon

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