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Elders Journal

Artificial Intelligence


You may have heard someone recently mention something about the software in computers and other devices that will soon have the ability to think and reason by themselves. The thought may seem intriguing to some of us, but we may wonder how something called “artificial intelligence” (AI) can move beyond man’s programming and operate on its own! Too many implications must be considered before we perhaps accept the unusual and illogical results if this type of technology could ever work! How can anything be intelligent if its artificial? The two terms seem to be contradictory!

With all the information already stored in data bases around the world, our resources are vast and increasing daily. History, education, manufacturing, sales, and service have been greatly enhanced by our ability to store land use data to our advantage. But, who or what is the “central intelligent agent” governing the use of “AI” and who is monitoring it? Interesting question! Time may yet reveal if there are any dangers in developing this technology and what ethical or moral concerns might there be for us to consider? No one wants to be misled or indoctrinated by anyone or anything! There must be a governing body behind ‘AI”! Should we be thinking about some “spiritual discernment” to answer any inquiry about this new idea?

If we believe in an “All Knowing” and “Wise” Creator Being, we will allow Him to the the last “Word” on those certain things that require the infinite wisdom that only He has! When we acknowledge that, man’s knowledge of spiritual things will go beyond human philosophy. God operates within His own reason of things and anything outside of His great wisdom would be considered as “artificial”! The dangers of living outside of His realm of safety only come when we choose to disobey the laws that govern His Universe!

God used commandments to create His Universe but He never programmed His intelligent creatures. He asks each one of us to see the logic in His creative and benevolent power which will always lead to a knowledge and acceptance of Him that spawns a high level of praise of Him! You will never see “forced compliance” in His Kingdom and the beauty of His benevolent love will clearly be seen. Considering all the statements made in the Bible, His Word, the premiere and pre-eminent declarations concerning God’s sovereignty over His Universe could never be challenged! With Him everything and anything is original and genuine. The term ‘artificial’ cannot be found! Now! That’s “Real Intelligence”!

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