Pastor's Proem

Welcome to the Concord SDA Church!


It is clear that we are living in very solemn times these days. With all the social, mental, and spiritual breakdown, people are faced with the question, is there a place to take a break from it all? The answer is a?? “Yes!" The Church is that place where one can come and experience calmness and serenity, as well as receive the essentials necessary for their well-being. Those essentials, although there are many, are community, discipleship training, fellowship meals, recreation, teaching, worship, and mission service. Here at Concord, you will find these essentials, with an emphasis on the importance of having the body, mind, and soul in good health. If you have school-age-children, our church sponsors a 1-8 school that provides a solid Christian education.


I, along with the Concord members, welcome you, your family and friends to come and grow with us each week. It is my sincere prayer and goal that when you come, you will experience God's love in so many ways that you will choose to follow the same Jesus that inspires us to love one another.

We look forward to seeing you!


In His Loving Service,

Pastor Scottie Deal