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Pastor's Proem

Once again, Fall is in the air! Soon, we will witness the vibrant colors of trees that the season brings. It is as though God takes His heavenly paint brush and paints a masterpiece painting.


Unfortunately, those beautiful leaves will fade away and eventually fall to the ground, giving way to winter. Remember— that tree which will appear to be dead, will only be dead to the naked eye. Beneath it all, there is life! Living green! This object lesson can teach us a valuable lesson. In this life, things momentarily may look dreary, lifeless, and hopeless, but we can rest assured that in our hearts, there’s life, eternally; just in a little while the beautiful rich green leaves will appear again!


One day Jesus is coming again, and He is going to give a new body to all those who put their trust in Him — a body that will never fade away.


Here at the Concord Church, we seek to live in that reality, and gather to worship each Sabbath. We would like to have you and your family to come join us as we worship the Creator God together.


God bless you!

In His Loving Service,

Pastor Scottie Deal

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